How Are You Growing?

What are you doing to actively grow your business? If you’re like most people you probably engage in a variety of business-building activities on a regular basis. You make some cold calls, visit potential customers and, perhaps send out information or advertise in trade magazines.


Let me ask you…how consistent are your efforts?  In many cases, small business owners and even larger businesses forget to market and promote their business every single day. Emergencies happen, customer service problems arise or we get caught up in the details of operating our business.


When our business is thriving we tend to drop or reduce our marketing efforts. We get fooled into thinking that we no longer need to market or we just become so busy we have trouble fitting it into our daily or weekly routine. Unfortunately, this can lead to a false sense of security. Then, if we lose a major client or two, we scramble to replace the lost revenue.


The frequency with which you market and promote your business will have a direct impact on your overall success. That means you should be doing something every single day to actively generate new business. In fact, if you truly want to succeed, you should involve yourself in at least five different marketing activities every day. Sound like a lot? It is and isn’t.


It is because it means you need to change your routine. You also need to make the time to determine what types of marketing are best for your specific business. What works well for one person may not be the best approach for someone else.  It isn’t because not all marketing strategies take a lot of time or effort. Making calls doesn’t necessarily take much time, providing you plan your calls, set aside a specific amount of time for them and don’t procrastinate.


Think of some of the worlds most recognized brands such as Sony, McDonalds, and Microsoft. These conglomerates are constantly marketing themselves. Obviously, they also have deep pockets to be able to afford high visibility advertising but they all started out as a very small company with only one or two employees. They were aggressive in promoting themselves and they were relentless in seeking out methods to create that brand awareness.  


As a small business owner you may be thinking, “It’s easy for them; they have a marketing department, big budgets, and lots of resources (people) to execute.” Here are seven low cost marketing strategies you can easily incorporate into your daily routine:


1. Ask for referrals. Contact your existing customers and ask them to introduce you to someone they know. A gentle, non-threatening method is to say, “If you’ve been happy with my service and know someone who could benefit I’d appreciate it if you would connect us.”

2. Join associations where your prospective clients meet. Be selective and be active in the group. Simply joining an association does not guarantee new business. However, if you are active in the group you will raise your profile.

3. Follow-up. The majority of business people do not follow-up with the people they meet or with prospective clients. Set yourself apart by becoming a master of follow-up. Send cards, thank you notes, or, at the very least, an email.

4. Respond promptly to ALL calls and email correspondence. In today’s fast paced business world, people want FAST results. Separate yourself from your competitors by responding quickly. My company standard is to respond to all correspondence within 4 business hours.

5. Send your customers a regular newsletter with tips on how they can improve their business. If you have access to email this can be done quickly and easily. Just be sure to ask their permission BEFORE you add them to your distribution list. 

6. Train your staff to handle any customer situation with tact, diplomacy and professionalism. People want to do business with professionals.

7. Plan your cold calls. Develop a script for them and rehearse your script until it is perfect. I have tried cold calling with and without a script and have found that a well-developed script works much better than just speaking the words that come to mind.


You do not have to have a university degree in marketing in order to promote your business effectively. However, you do need to do something every single day!

Introduction of New Programs 

1)  The Money Source is pleased to announce the launch of its application only Physician Practice Funding Program up to a maximum of $200,000 for specialized or group practices including start up practices.

2)  The Money Source introduces our “Flexible Financing Program”, where the payment stream can be structured to meet your particular cash flow needs.  The monthly payments can be deferred, or stepped up or down depending on seasonal fluctuations or ramp up periods.

3)  The Money Source is pleased to announce the expansion into all 50 states and Canada with its Micro Ticket Leasing program, funding transactions from $10,000 and up.

About Us

The Money Source is a national equipment leasing company providing innovative services to manufacturing, wholesale, construction, transportation, and professional service industries. Headquartered in Seattle, WA, the company was founded in 1986 and serves a broad market from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. What makes The Money Source unique is our objective on making financial solutions happen rather than turning opportunities down, by focusing on the integrity of the applicant and their ability to meet their obligations, rather than on the equipment it’s being asked to finance. The Money Source is a relationship lender that creates flexible financial solutions to meet their client’s unique cash flow needs.

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Tess Henley Wins Best R&B Single at The 11th Independent Music Awards

 For Immediate Release

May 18, 2012

SEATTLE-based TESS HENLEY joins a diverse roster of self-released and independent label talent culled from 6 continents named today by Music Resource Group (MRG) as the Judge-determined Winners of The 11th Annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs), the influential international awards program for independent bands and fans.

The winners, hand selected from thousands of submissions from around the globe, were determined by a panel of influential artists and music industry pros including Keith Richards, Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan, Ryan Tedder (One Republic), Pete Wentz, Lee Ritenour, Del McCoury, Ozzy Osbourne, Bettye LaVette, Jim Lauderdale, Joshua Redman, Shelby Lynne, Kevin Lyman (Warped Tour), Jason Olaine (Jazz At Lincoln Center), Alan Light (Live From The Artists Den), and Evan Schlansky (American Songwriter).

Tess Henley’s Boy In The Window was named the winner of the R&B Single for this 11th edition of The IMAs.  Currently, Tess is finishing her latest full-length album in Philadelphia, the epicenter of a soul sound all its own, with Dice Raw from The Roots crew. The talented songwriter is fusing her voice and vision with Dice and his talented team, including Khari Mateen (The Roots, Jill Scott, J*DaVeY). The new album that Tess is calling “her musical thesis” is due out this fall.  Last year, Tess won Budweiser’s Jill Scott/Anthony Hamilton Opening Act Contest and her music has already received international acclaim, all sans the aid of a major label or manager.  Her song entry was submitted by her distributor, GJTunes Worldwide.

Tess Henley website:

Play: Boy In The Window

Details and complete list of 11th annual IMA Winners, Nominees and Judges available at:

Artistry Has Its Awards
For more than a decade, artists and labels from around the world have found new fans and prominence through The Independent Music Awards.

Produced by Music Resource Group, publisher of the popular industry contact database The Musician’s Atlas, The IMAs uses its unrivaled access to performance, promotion and distribution to connect Winners and Nominees to new audiences and revenue opportunities.

The program receives submissions from artists previously on major labels as well as self-released and indie label talent from more than 70 countries on six continents.

Submissions for The 12th Annual Independent Music Awards are currently being accepted at

GOING GR$$N: Recycling A Hit (ala Six Degrees of Separation)

1 Bobby Caldwell is an American singer/songwriter who is still best known for his 1978 hit single What You Won’t Do For Love. While he’s always maintained a devoted fan base in the United States, a legendary status has been bestowed upon him in Japan. For R&B and modern jazz fans in the US, he retains the title of: “The white guy most often mistaken for an African American vocalist.” Caldwell wanted the song to be the sixth track on the album since he figured the second track, “My Flame” would be the hit. When it was released to R&B radio, his label did its best to shield Caldwell’s identity, hoping not to alienate its predominantly black audience. However, when Caldwell began making performances live on stage, it only increased demand. The song would become Caldwell’s most successful single and also his signature song, reaching number nine on the Billboard Hot 100, #6 on US R&B charts and #10 on US Adult Contemporary charts.

Since its release, the song has been covered by R&B, pop and jazz artists alike and has been an oft-sampled song in hip-hop and house circles.

2 The English pop duo, Go West, covered the song in 1992 on their Indian Summer LP, giving fans a chance to hear it 14 years after it’s original release. While they’ve had many successful singles in their native UK, they are generally best known in the United States for their hits “King of Wishful Thinking” and “Faithful”.

3 In 1997 American producer/actor/investor Percy Robert Miller (better known by his stage name Master P) put a ‘lil stank on it with If I Could Change.  This song juxtaposed Master P’s street game rap with Bobby as the smooth backgrounds. A year later Bobby himself decided to bring the silky vocals back with his own updated remake, found on the 20th Anniversary CD set called The Timeline Anthology.

4 Tupac Shakur continued the recycling and remixing by sampling the song on 2004’s Do For Love, as did the Notorious B.I.G. on Sky’s The Limit.  Shakur’s Do For Love now has over 15 million YouTube hits.

5 Recently, DJ Jazzy Jeff & Raheem Davaughn sampled the song on My Soul Ain’t For Sale, found on 2007’s release The Return of the Magnificent that featured numerous collaborations with old school and new school artists including CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pos from De La Soul, & Method Man.

6 Today, Seattle’s Tess Henley brings the song full circle, back to it’s melodic vibe, but with a modern duo twist, featuring another great local artist, Mycle Wastman. With help from online streaming sites likes Pandora, Spotify and YouTube, the duet is now heard worldwide. In fact, Japan’s Tower Records endorsed Tess’ Easy To Love CD with large in-store promotions, and brisk sales gave rise to making her title cut the A-side on a brand new, 7” vinyl that became #1 for all genres at JetSet, the country’s “vinyl megastore”.  The B-side to that record? You guessed it, What You Won’t Do For Love, which is “Song of the Week” on UK’s, where younger listeners will no doubt ask “who’s the cheeky bird covering the Go West song?”

Special thanks to Wikipedia.